3-D Life Ready To Design Hydrogel Kits

Ready-To-Design Hydrogel Kits contain a thiol-reactive polymer, a crosslinker and a 10x concentrated salt and buffer solution. Cell adhesion peptides, Dextranase for gel dissolution and other gel modifying reagents are available as separate products (see products Adhesion Peptides and Accessories).

Hydrogel composition and properties are indicated in their names for easy hydrogel selection:

PVA or Dextran: PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is a biochemically stable polymer providing long lasting hydrogel stability for long-term cell cultures. Dextran hydrogels can be dissolved by Dextranase (see Accessories) for a protease-free cell recovery.

CD or PEG: Choose between a cell-degradable (CD) crosslinker and a non-degradable (PEG) crosslinker.

FG or SG: Choose between fast gelling (FG) and slow gelling (SG) hydrogels to adapt the set-up of hydrogels to your experimental requirements.

HA: Select hydrogels crosslinked with hyaluronic acid.

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