3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogels
Cell Environment Design at Your Fingertips

Cellendes is a life science company offering comprehensive solutions for controlled design of cell environments in 3-D cell culture. A toolbox of reagents provides flexibility in composing biomimetic hydrogels right at the users bench. Areas of application include basic research, drug development and biomedical engineering.



Our 3-D Life technology is an integrated system for the generation of biomimetic hydrogels for 3-D cell culture. The 3-D Life system consists of two polymers that form a hydrogel by covalent crosslinking at ambient temperature.
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Applications & Protocols

Applications & Protocols

Applications and detailed protocols illustrate the use of the 3-D Life technology.

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The 3-D Life product line represents the most flexible hydrogel system for biomimetic hydrogel design, from pre-configured gels to single components for individual gel compositions.

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Popular Products

3-D Life Thioglycerol
2024-01-24 17:29
180 µl

Price: 22,00 €
3-D Life Dextranase
2024-01-24 17:26
500 µl

Price: 33,00 €
600 µl

Price: 17,00 €
1 Kit

Price: 200,00 €
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What our customers say

3-D Life Hydrogels were especially suited for long term epithelial cultures with an easy to optimize system and high yield of spheroid formation.

The 3-D Life Hydrogel was especially appealing because it is a facile and quick method, gentle in terms of cell handling, and does not require exposing cells to UV light.
Dextran-PEG Hydrogel offers an easy and reliable platform for culturing cells in 3D.

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