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ced buildingCellendes was founded in 2009 by Dr. Brigitte Angres and Dr. Helmut Wurst. Cellendes is a spinoff company of the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen.

Cellendes continously expands the 3-D Life product line to provide an innovative and increasingly comprehensive technology for a broad range of applications in 3-D cell culture.

Cellendes seeks collaborations with academic and industrial partners to explore and develop the use of the 3-D Life technology in complex cell-based assays and tissue models for drug screening as well as in biomedical engineering.


Dr. Helmut Wurst is co-founder of Cellendes GmbH and inventor of the 3-D Life Technology. He was trained at Konstanz University in molecular biology, physical biochemistry and conjugational chemistry. After postdoctoral studies at Stanford University he led the R&D group for the PCR and cDNA synthesis product lines at Clontech Laboratories. Inc., Palo Alto, later BD Bioscience, USA. He is main inventor of five patents covering several technologies.

Dr. Brigitte Angres is co-founder of Cellendes GmbH. She has been trained in developmental biology and cell biology at the Max-Planck-Institute in Tübingen (Germany) and Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA. She was R&D group leader at Clontech Laboratories, Inc., later BD Biosciences, USA, where she managed the development of products in the fluorescent proteins and apoptosis product lines. In her past career, Dr. Angres focused most of her research on cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions and co-developed the 3-D Life Technology with Dr. Wurst since 2007 at the NMI.

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