The 3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogel System


cellendes setup hydrogel
The 3-D Life technology is an integrated system for the generation of biomimetic hydrogels used in 3-D cell culture. The 3-D Life system consists of two polymers that form a hydrogel by covalent crosslinking at ambient temperature. The chemical reaction is non-toxic to cells and occurs rapidly, preventing cell settlement before the gel is formed.

Setup of Biomimetic Hydrogels

The setup of hydrogels is very simple and does not require specific equipment or cell-harming treatments. Biomimetic modifications (e.g. covalent attachment of adhesion peptides) can be performed right before gelation occurs. The modular system makes it easy to modify gels with biomimetic factors as desired for each experiment.

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Main Features of 3-D Life Hydrogels

  • Defined composition of biologically inert synthetic polymers and biopolymers
  • User-controlled biomimetic modifications (e.g. peptides, proteins)
  • Robust gel formation and handling
  • Wide range of ligand density (up to 5 mmol/l)
  • Tunable gel stiffness
  • Protease-free dissolution of gels for easy cell recovery
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