Hydrogel Components

3-D Life Hydrogels are prepared by mixing thioreactive polymers with thiol-containing crosslinkers. These two component classes are essential for the formation of hydrogels, as they are reacting with each other to form the covalently crosslinked polymer network.These products are ideal to mix and match and combine with different peptides to find the ideal hydrogel composition for your application without having to purchase whole kits for each combination. They can also be used to complement already purchased products.

Composition and properties are indicated in their names for easy component selection:

Thioreactive polymers: Thioreactive polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a biochemically stable polymer providing long lasting hydrogel stability for long-term cell cultures. Thioreactive Dextran hydrogels can be enzymatically dissolved by Dextranase (see Accessories) for a protease-free cell recovery.

Fast-Gelling or Slow-Gelling: Choose between fast gelling (FG) and slow gelling (SG) thioreactive polymers to adapt the set-up of hydrogels to your experimental requirements.

Crosslinkers: Polyethylene glycol-based non-degradable PEG-Link or cell-degradable CD-Link or a hyaluronic acid-based HyLink are available for crosslinking thioreactive polymers.

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All hydrogel components:
3-D Life PEG-Link
2024-01-24 13:58
200 µl
Price: 38,00 €
3-D Life CD-Link
2024-01-24 14:40
200 µl
Price: 150,00 €
3-D Life CD-Link
2024-01-24 14:43
3x 200 µl
Price: 367,00 €
3-D Life HyLink
2024-01-24 14:46
200 µl
Price: 73,00 €
3-D Life HyLink
2024-01-24 14:48
3x 200 µl
Price: 173,00 €
3-D Life SG-PVA
2024-01-24 14:50
3x 170 µl
Price: 150,00 €
3-D Life FG-PVA
2024-01-24 14:52
3x 170 µl
Price: 150,00 €
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