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Biomimetic Hydrogel Design at your Fingertips

13 years of 3-D Life Hydrogel publications!

3-D Life Hydrogels are used to cultivate many different primary cell types and cell lines under defined biomimetic conditions. Many peer-reviewed articles have been published to date, showing a variety of methods and applications.

Cultures ranging from disease models like kidney fibrosis to normal tissue models have been established. Many of them involve highly complex systems, such as the modelling of lymph nodes.

Discover the application of 3-D Life Hydrogels in high-end techniques like

  • Tumor-on-chip models
  • Stretching of cells in 3D to investigate mechanotransduction
  • Perfusion of cell-laden gels mimicking specific tissues
  • Single cell encapsulation

in our extensive list of References and our list of Cells and Applications.

Reading Journals

List of Publications

Establish your application under defined biomimetic conditions with the highly modular 3-D Life Hydrogel system:

  • Free of animal derived components
  • User defined modification with bioactive components: cell adhesion, MMP cleavage
  • Wide range of ligand density independent from gel stiffness
  • Tunable gel stiffness
  • Non-toxic cell recovery, keeps native matrix of cultured tissue intact.


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