3-D Life Thioglycerol


Description Picture Thioglycerol (CAS-No. 96-27-5) can be covalently coupled with its thiol group to SH-reactive groups of Dextran or PVA polymers to modify 3-D Life Hydrogels.

For more information and instructions, please consult the 3-D Life Hydrogels User Guide.
Catalog Number T10-3
Application 3-D Life Thioglycerol is used as a negative control in place of peptides to modify 3-D Life Hydrogels. If comparative studies at different peptide concentrations are to be made, a corresponding amount of the cell neutral Thioglycerol should be added to ensure equal gel strengths between gels (see Table 4 and 5 in the User Guide).
Quantity Allows modification of e.g. 3 ml 3-D Life Hydrogel with 0.4 mmol/L thioglycerol.
Price 10 €
Material Quantity Concentration
Thioglycerol200 µl20 mmol/LMSDS