3-D Life Scrambled RGD Peptide


Description Picture RGD sequences are motifs on extracellular matrix proteins promoting adhesion to cellular integrin receptors. The 3-D Life Scrambled RGD Peptide contains a scrambled RGD motif and a thiol group on a N-terminus. The thiol group is used to immobilize the peptide on maleimide polymers in 3-D Life Hydrogels. The immobilized peptide is used in control experiments to determine the specificity of cell adhesion caused by a genuine RGD peptide (e.g. 3-D Life RGD Peptide).

For instructions, please consult General Protocols GP-1 "Preparation of 3-D Life Fast Gelling Hydrogels" or GP-2 "Preparation of 3-D Life Slow Gelling Hydrogels" and the 3-D Life Hydrogels User Guide.
Catalog Number P11-3
Application Covalent attachment to thiol-reactive polymer in 3-D Life Hydrogels. For control experiments to determine specificity of cell adhesion to RGD Peptide.
Quantity 3x 1 µmol
Price 270 €
Material Quantity Concentration
Scrambled RGD Peptide, lyophilized3 x 1 µmol20 mmol/L*MSDS
Water600 µln/aMSDS
*Volume/concentration after reconstitution of lyophilisate.
Peptide SequenceAcetyl-Cys-Doa*-Doa-Gly-Arg-Asp-Gly-Ser-Pro-NH2

*: Doa:8-amino-3,6-dioxaoctanoic acid

Molar Mass1022 g/mol
Purity>90% (HPLC)