3-D Life CD-Link


Description Picture 3-D Life CD-Link is a component of the 3-D Life Hydrogel system. The CD-Link molecule consists of a polyethylene glycol-peptide conjugate carrying a thiol at each end. When combined with polymers of the 3-D Life Hydrogel system, thiol groups on CD-Link form stable thioether bonds with the thiol-reactive groups on the polymers, which results in the formation of the hydrogel. CD-Link can be used with 3-D Life functionalised polymers Mal-PVA, Mal-Dextran, SG-PVA and SG-Dextran.

CD-Link contains a matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-cleavable peptide sequence (Pro-Leu-Gly-Leu-Trp-Ala), which is cleaved by a broad range of MMPs including MMP1, MMP3, MMP7 and MMP9 [1]. It allows cells to locally degrade the polymer network, if they produce the indicated MMPs.

For instructions, please consult General Protocols GP-1 "Preparation of 3-D Life Fast Gelling Hydrogels" or GP-2 "Preparation of 3-D Life Slow Gelling Hydrogels" and the 3-D Life Hydrogels User Guide.
Catalog Number L60-3
Application 3-D Life CD-Link is used together with thiol-reactive polymers of the 3-D Life Hydrogel system to establish 3-D cell cultures.
Quantity When used with polymers of the 3-D Life Hydrogel system up to 6 ml 3-D Life Hydrogel can be generated, depending on the stiffness of the gel.
Price 300 €
Material Quantity Concentration
CD-Link, lyophilized3 x 200 µl*20 mmol/L*MSDS
Water600 µln/aMSDS
*Volume/concentration after reconstitution of lyophilisate.
Reference[1] Knight, C. G. et al. FEBS 296:263-66 (1992)