3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel


Description Picture The 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit contains reagents for the preparation of hydrogels with a soft stiffness (400 Pa; shear modulus) and a RGD Peptide concentration of 0.4 mmol/L.

The gel composition allows three-dimensional spreading and migration of most cells. The gel is formed by the crosslinking of modified dextran carrying the cell adhesion motif RGD (RGD-Dextran) with CD-Link. When the two reagents are combined, thiol groups on CD-Link form stable thioether bonds with thiol-reactive groups on RGD-Dextran resulting in gel formation within 20 min. The formation of hydrogel is performed at physiological pH for optimal cell compatibility.

CD-Link is composed of polyethylene glycol and a matrix metalloprotease (MMP)-cleavable peptide. The MMP-cleavable peptide is designed for a broad range of MMP cleavage including MMPs MMP1, MMP3, MMP7 and MMP9 [1]. It allows cells to spread and migrate within the gel if they express the indicated MMPs.

3-D Life ToGro hydrogels can be dissolved by the addition of dextranase (3-D Life Dextranase Cat. No. D10-1), which allows recovery of chemically fixed or live cells for post-culture analyses (e.g. RT-PCR) or further cultivation.

For preparation of gels follow the instructions of the 3-D Life ToGro Protocol GP-3 “Preparation of 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel”. The document can be downloaded.
Catalog Number G94-1
Application 3-dimensional cultivation of various cell types, spheroids, tissue samples and similar requiring a cell-adhesive and cell-degradable matrix for cell growth and differentiation.
Quantity Allows formation of 2.4 ml 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel.
Price 230 €
Material Quantity Concentration
RGD-Dextran, lyophilized2 x 870 µl*n.a.MSDS
CD-Link, lyophilized200 µl*20 mmol/L*MSDS
Reconstitution Buffer2 x 900 µln.aMSDS
Water600 µln/aMSDS
*Volume/concentration after reconstitution of lyophilisate.
Reference[1] Knight, C. G. et al. FEBS 296:263-66 (1992)