3-D Life Dextranase


Description Picture The 3-D Life Dextranase allows the degradation of dextran-based 3-D Life Hydrogels. It contains dextranase from Chaetomium gracile, which cleaves glycosidic bonds of dextran.

For instructions, please consult General Protocols GP-1 "Preparation of 3-D Life Fast Gelling Hydrogels" or GP-2 "Preparation of 3-D Life Slow Gelling Hydrogels" and the 3-D Life Hydrogels User Guide.
Catalog Number D10-1
Application Dissolution of dextran-based hydrogels to recover live or fixed cells without proteolytic degradation. 3-D Life Dextranase is used at a 1:20 dilution in the culture supernatant to dissolve dextran-based hydrogels. A detailed description of application is available in the 3-D Life Hydrogels User Guide.
Quantity 500 µl
Price 20 €
Material Quantity Concentration
Dextranase500 µln.a.MSDS