Application Notes & Protocols

Application Note 1

Epithelial Cyst Formation in 3-D Life Hydrogels
Application Note 1 (AN-1)
Application Protocol 1 (AP-1)

Application Note 2

Fibroblast Spreading in Cell-Degradable 3-D Life Hydrogels
Application Note 2 (AN-2)

Application Note 3

Co-Culture of Tumor and Stroma Cells in 3-D Life Hydrogels
Application Note 3 (AN-3)
Application Protocol 3 (AP-3)

Application Note 4

Viscoelastic Parameters of 3-D Life Hydrogels
Application Note 4 (AN-4)



Application Note 4

Microdroplet Cell Cultures in 3-D Life Hydrogels on the Aquarray Droplet Microarrays
Application Note 5 (AN-5)


General Protocols

Protocol 1

Preparation of 3-D Life Fast Gelling Hydrogels
General Protocol 1 (GP-1)


Protocol 2

Preparation of 3-D Life Slow Gelling Hydrogels
General Protocol 2 (GP-2)

Protocol 3

Preparation of 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogels
General Protocol 3 (GP-3)

Protocol 4

Preparation of 3-D Life Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels
General Protocol 4 (GP-4)


Technical Protocols

Protocol 1

Dissolution of Dextran-based Hydrogels
Technical Protocol 1 (TP-1)



Heart muscle cells beating in 3-D Life Hydrogels

A suspension of freshly prepared cells from chicken embryo heart was embedded in 3-D Life Dextran Hydrogels modified with RGD Peptide and crosslinked with matrix metalloprotease-cleavable CD-Link. Aggregated heart muscle cells are surrounded by fibroblasts. Heart muscle cells courtesy of Dr. Udo Kraushaar (NMI Reutlingen, Electro­physiology Group, Germany).