Maulana et al. (2023) Solid tumor-on-chip model for efficacy and safety assessment of CAR-T cell therapy. bioRxiv (Article)

Human breast cancer cells were embedded in 3-D Life Hydrogel on a novel microfluidic system to assess its applicability to investigate CAR-T cell mediated therapeutic treatments. The publication shows how CAR-T cells can migrate into the hydrogel towards the embedded tumor cell aggregates and how subsequent cytokine release can be measured. It is also shown how the chip-based hydrogel cell culture can be used to assess treatments for antagonizing the Cytokine Release Syndrome. Cells used: MDA-MB-231 (human breast cancer cell line); primary human fibroblasts, human breast cancer organoids (patient derived), human T cells, CAR-T cells. Methods used: Injection of 3-D Life Hydrogel into microchannels; fluorescence microscopy.