Hafa et al. (2023) Laser patterning bioprinting using a light sheet-based system equipped with light sheet imaging produces long-term viable skin constructs. Adv. Mater.: e2306258 (Article)

Newly developed light-induced hydrogels of Cellendes (product in development) were used in a novel integrated fluorescent light sheet bioprinting and imaging system that combines high printing speed and high resolution with light sheet-based imaging. A resolution of 9 µm was achieved in printed structures which was, up to date, only reached by two photon photopolymerization. No hydrogel contraction or expansion through the bioprinting procedure was observed. Using this bioprinting system full-thickness skin constructs were generated and remained viable for 41 days. Cells used: HaCaT (human keratinocytes), Hs27 (human fibroblasts), HUVEC. Methods: diffusion through hydrogel by Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching (FRAP) analysis; light sheet based bioprinting; immunofluorescence staining.