Kromidas et al. (2023) Immunocompetent PDMS-Free Organ-on-Chip Model of Cervical Cancer Integrating Patient-Specific Cervical Fibroblasts and Neutrophils. Adv. Healthcare Mater.:2302714 (Link)

The 3-D Life Hydrogel system was used in a microfluidic platform specifically developed for the 3-D co-cultivation of human cervical cancerous tissue (spheroids) with donor-derived cervical fibroblasts. Donor-derived neutrophils were integrated in the microfluidic system and were recruited into the hydrogel-based co-culture. The 3-D Life hydrogel demonstrated good stability without shrinkage and provided a robust 3D matrix for the cells. The treatment of the culture with cisplatin demonstrates the applicability of the platform for drug testing and the development of new (immuno) therapeutic options. Application: Hydrogel in a 3D microfluidic platform for drug discovery. Cells used: SiHa (human squamous cervical cancer cell line), primary fibroblasts (from human cervix uteri), human PMNs (polymorphonuclear leukocytes/neutrophils from whole blood), human PBMCs (peripheral blood mononucleated cells from whole blood). Methods used: Life/Dead staining (Calcein AM/PI), immunofluorescent staining, LDH assay (cytotoxicity), TUNEL Assay, Live cell tracking in the hydrogel.