Nair et al. (2021) Parallelizable Microfluidic Platform to Model and Assess In Vitro Cellular Barriers: Technology and Application to Study the Interaction of 3D Tumor Spheroids with Cellular Barriers. Biosensors 11(9), 314 (Article)

3-D Life Hydrogel was used to create an extracellular matrix-lumen interface within a microfluidic chip. The successful co-culture of tumor spheroids in the gel and the epithelial cell layer on the gel surface shows the suitability of the setup as a cellular barrier model. Application: cell-based assays in microfluidic platforms; in vitro model of cellular barriers; transepithelial cell migration. Cells Used: HT29, MDCK. Methods used: hydrogel in a microfluidic platform; transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) measurements.