He et al. (2018) Cartilage intermediate layer protein is regulated by mechanical stress and affects extracellular matrix synthesis. Molecular Medicine Reports 17: 6130-6137 (Article)

Cartilage intermediate layer protein (CILP) and aggrecan and collagen II synthesis were measured in human nucleus pulposus (NP) cells in response to mechanical stimuli, including cyclic compressive stress and cyclic tensile strain. Application: Effects of mechanical stress on protein expression. Cells used: nucleus pulposus cells. Methods used: NP cells were embedded in cylinders of 3-D Life Dextran-PEG FG hydrogels (Cat. No. G90-1). The hydrogel cylinders were introduced into Bioflex 6-well compression plates and mechanical stress was applied using a FX-5000C™ Flexercell system (Flexcell International). Cells were extracted from hydrogels using 3-D Life Dextranase (Cat. No. D10-1) and subjected to RT-PCR and Western blotting analysis.