Friedrich, O. et al. (2017) Adding dimension to cellular mechanotransduction: Advances in biomedical engineering of multiaxial cell-stretch systems and their application to cardiovascular biomechanics and mechano-signaling. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 130:170-191 (Link)

The effect of multiaxial cell stretch on adult ventricular cardiomyocytes (CM) embedded in 3-D Life Cellendes hydrogel of different stiffnesses (Young modulus of 1 kPa, 4-9 kPa and > than 10 kPa) was examined on a cell stretch system (IsoStretcher). Single CMs were embedded in SG-PVA-PEG hydrogels modified with RGD Peptide to allow for adhesion of cells to the surrounding hydrogel. Stretch-induced Ca2+ influx was measured with the Ca2+ indicator Fluo-4 AM which was mixed into the hydrogel before gelation.